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NetBSD Code-In 2012 Wiki

This wiki is a clone of the original NetBSD wiki which is intended as a playground for Google Code-In participants. The changes made here are intended to be pulled up to the real wiki after having a developer looked through it.

Most of the wiki pages and articles are intended to be written in Markdown. But as participants won't have access to the official NetBSD wiki and Markdown might be difficult to install, this wiki was created.

Getting an account

Every participant who claimed a task from Code-In should write a mail to his mentor or in the channel #netbsd-code on Freenode with his e-mail address, he will then get an account in here. You can also get to the IRC channel from NetBSD with Just enter your nickname, #netbsd-code as the channel, fill out the captcha and connect.

Once you got an account, you're free to edit whichever page you want - this is only a playground. But you should focus on your task and edit the pages you want.

Differences from the original wiki

As the original NetBSD wiki is an ikiwiki and this wiki is a DokuWiki with a new Markdown implementation, there are some differences and misses in this wiki.

If you encounter bugs in the Markdown implementation, please tell us. This plugin is still work-in-progress and not officially publicised, but will be after it has a full Markdown implementation.

Changes in the syntax

Concerning markdown:

  • italic and bold only work on one line, not on the whole paragraph
  • blockquotes won't work, except for the ones already contained in Dokuwiki syntax
  • backreference links won't work
  • Dokuwiki syntax is still activated, but lower prioritized than Markdown. You should write your things in Markdown nonetheless, but for tables and blockquotes you can use Dokuwiki.

Changes in the wiki itself

Concerning the wiki itself:

  • there are no subdirectories in this wiki, but namespaces. If you want to link to something a subdirectory in the original wiki would be, just use colons instead of slashes to separate it.
  • you don't have to explicitly insert the table of contents. With three or more headlines, it will be created for the page by itself.
  • if you want to link a manpage, just write down its name and its section as you do in references, then it will get automatically linked. Example: diskctl(8) will get translated to diskctl(8)
  • there are no macros at all from ikiwiki, you have to link everything explicitly (except for manpages).
  • texts that look like hyperlinks are automatically linked. is automatically linked:
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