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pkgsrcCon 2013 is over!

As you might know, the pkgsrcCon was this weekend. Finally, I managed to go through the recordings, gather myself a bit and write about it.

On Friday evening, the ones coming early already met at eight o'clock for having dinner. We went to a nearby restaurant, and I had to leave earlier (after eating my food), as I still wanted to prepare some things.

On the next day, at ten o'clock, the space opened. We were having talks from 12pm to 9pm, Pizza for 100 Euro, drings for about 80 Euro and snacks for appr. 20 Euro. On Sunday, we still gathered at the space, though now without program. Just a small hacking and discussion session, as the previous day was rather hard (ever listened to talks for nine hours?).

We were 21 developers around, 14 or 15 of them actually NetBSD or pkgsrc developers.

On the end, there were two potential candidates for the pkgsrcCon next year: Either New York or Paris (I don't really know what I prefer, but I think Paris).

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