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What is wrong with people?

Sometimes I really wonder why people are doing some things. I'm usually pretty happy with anybody who is doing anything, as long as they don't start insulting other people (and even with that, I have a very high tolerance). And I don't complain about software written by other people.

I have already written about my endorsement of a markdown standardization, and I always held back with my complaints about the author not willing to further develop his buggy software, but also blocking standardization efforts. Standard^W Common Markdown was an effort to circumvent this and extent the language which is already heavy in use. But now there are even complaints about this (WHY?), forcing the project to rename itself.

There is a huge industry behind it which wants to use Markdown, there are lots of people using it for their own projects, and a lot of Open Source coders spending hours of having to deal with this shit. Congratulations, now the situation becomes even worse, with the author making clear that, whyever, he will not tolerate any standardization except for his own software.

It's not only what he is doing in this case. It is that he states clear that he will not tolerate anybody trying to use the name for something looking even closely official. Anybody who uses the name Markdown cannot be sure whether he will someday receive a complaint by John Gruber. Who knows, maybe he will get into legal issues as well? It's the same as with patents, except that in this case, there is no company with a rational interest behind it.

I don't have a voice in this whole issue, except for my own plugin which is far from being Markdown, I never contributed anything. But I really hope they just fork it, find a new name, and develop it with their own name. Github, Stackexchange and Reddit should have enough influence to be able to actually make a useful formatting language which extends Markdown in a sensible way.

2014-09-08 22:33 · Julian

Calendoku release

After lamenting for years and finally, after a few days of coding, it is finally done: I released the first beta of calendoku is released. It is still very rough, but I am currently rebuilding the calendar of this page with it. So for now, it works as far as I tested.

2014-09-05 01:29 · Admin Admin

Markdown standardization

Naturally, I'm interested in Markdown. Now, I read on heise: Markdown shall be standardized. I never expected this to actually happen, but I'm clearly happy about it. Maybe now there is a reference which can be used for Markdowku to implement Markdown properly.

For a long time, I planned to make a longer article about why Markdown is shitty. I mean, writing it is actually nice, but everything behind it is horrible – the techniques, the “standard” (a buggy Perl script), the community (i.e., it didn't move forward for a long time), the missing features (code blocks, tables), etc. I never did it because I didn't want to shame such a nice project (and I didn't find the time for writing the articles), but hopefully, this won't be necessary anymore now.

Once the standard is finished I will make Markdowku respect it.

2014-09-04 19:01 · Julian

Being back in town

After half a year of doing virtually nothing for my projects and only doing university and working stuff, I'm back. Markdowku has to wait a few days, first, I want to work on a calendar I have been planning a long time.

For my calendar, I wanted to have a possibility of entering more thorough descriptions of the events, and maybe also downloadable ical files. So this is what I'm coding now. The mode of operation I thought of:

  • You will define a separate namespace. In this namespace, every page will be tried to be rendered by the calendoku page syntax, i.e. you get some nice output from a bare ical file. To edit it, bureaucracy should be used.
  • To actually show a command, there will be something like {{calendoku>NAMESPACE=calendar>FIELDS=DTSTART:DTEND:SUMMARY>FIELDDESCS=Start:Ende:Titel>}}, which will render all pages inside the given namespace and will create a table with the given fields.
    There will also be further options to supply the date range in which the table shall show events, etc. There will also be (in the future) further modes for visualisation, e.g., the common table with seven columns and rows according to the range, or maybe a list, or a horizontal table (instead of a vertical one, as currently)

What do you think? Is this really a useful way to go? What would you expect from a calendar of this type, which kind of functions?

2014-08-28 01:24 · Julian

Markdowku v11 released!

I just released version 11 of Markdowku. In the end, only four characters at all were changed, but this adds the functionality of “shortcut reference links/images”. This means, if you have a reference link (i.e. a link which is [link text][ref] and later on written down as [ref]:, you can now shortcut its usage. You don't have to write a link text, but just [ref][] will still do.

This has always been implemented in Markdown, but I simply overlooked it, so it was not present in Markdowku so far. Now you can use it!

2014-04-21 22:43 · Julian

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